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The Magic World of Antonio Banderas 1

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The  <strong>Fundación Lágrimas y Favores</strong>  was established in 2010 as a social commitment to all the people of Malaga and a project to give a practical character to the work of the brotherhoods, valuing their social dedication throughout the year as a model of Holy Week in the 21st century. According to its founder, Antonio Banderas, this bet of the Fusionadas brotherhood promotes the idea of ​​a Malaga brotherhood, supportive, open to its community, committed to reality, critical and devoted to its people. A Malaga in which the energy generated by so many thousands of women and men who make up the true treasure of the brotherhoods and brotherhoods is put at the service of society to build a better and fairer community. <b>José Antonio Domínguez Bandera</b> (born 10 August 1960), known professionally as <b>Antonio Banderas</b>, is a Spanish actor. Known for his work in films of several genres, he has received <a title="List of awards and nominations received by Antonio Banderas" href="">various accolades</a>, including a <a title="Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actor" href="">Cannes Film Festival Award</a> and a <a class="mw-redirect" title="European Film Award" href="">European Film Award</a>, in addition to nominations for an <a class="mw-redirect" title="Academy Award" href="">Academy Award</a>, a <a class="mw-redirect" title="Tony Award" href="">Tony Award</a>, two <a title="Primetime Emmy Awards" href="">Primetime Emmy Awards</a>, and five <a title="Golden Globe Awards" href="">Golden Globe Awards</a>. Banderas began his acting career with a series of films by director <a title="Pedro Almodóvar" href="">Pedro Almodóvar</a> in the 1980s; he then appeared in several Hollywood films, such as <i><a title="Philadelphia (film)" href="">Philadelphia</a></i> (1993), <i><a title="Interview with the Vampire (film)" href="">Interview with the Vampire</a></i> (1994), <i><a title="Desperado (film)" href="">Desperado</a></i> (1995), <i><a title="Assassins (1995 film)" href="">Assassins</a></i> (1995), <i><a title="Evita (1996 film)" href="">Evita</a></i> (1996), and <i><a title="The Mask of Zorro" href="">The Mask of Zorro</a></i> (1998). He also appeared in the <a class="mw-redirect" title="Spy Kids (franchise)" href=""><i>Spy Kids</i> series</a> and provided the voice of <a title="Puss in Boots (Shrek)" href="">Puss in Boots</a> in the <a title="Shrek (franchise)" href=""><i>Shrek</i> franchise</a> and its spin-off film <i><a title="Puss in Boots (2011 film)" href="">Puss in Boots</a></i> in 2011. In 2003, Banderas made his US theatre debut as Guido Contini in <i><a title="Nine (musical)" href="">Nine</a></i>, for which he was nominated for a <a class="mw-redirect" title="Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical" href="">Tony Award</a> and won a <a title="Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Actor in a Musical" href="">Drama Desk Award</a>. He received <a class="mw-redirect" title="Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie" href="">Primetime Emmy Award</a> nominations for his roles in the television film <i><a title="And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself" href="">And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself</a></i> (2004) and the second season of <i><a title="Genius (American TV series)" href="">Genius</a></i> (2018); his portrayal of <a title="Pablo Picasso" href="">Pablo Picasso</a> in the latter garnered him critical praise. For the 2019 film <i><a title="Pain and Glory" href="">Pain and Glory</a></i>, Banderas earned the Cannes Film Festival Award, <a title="European Film Award for Best Actor" href="">European Film Award</a> and <a title="Goya Award for Best Actor" href="">Goya Award</a> for Best Actor, and received nominations for the <a title="Academy Award for Best Actor" href="">Academy Award</a> and <a title="Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama" href="">Golden Globe Award</a> for Best Actor. <strong>Pedro Sandoval</strong> and <strong>WISe.ART</strong> will donate part of the proceeds of this sale to Antonio Banderas' foundation.

The  <strong>Fundación Lágrimas y Favores</strong>  was established in 2010 as a social commitment to all the people of Malaga and a project to give a practical character to the work READ MORE

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